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Toyo, Toyo slide module, linear motor
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Historical evolution

Dongyouda 20 years, adhering to the original intention, adhere to faith

2000 ~ now, from beginning to end


● Thailand Warehouse Establishment

●Global online exhibition held in response to epidemic situation

● Take the lead in launching YouTube Webinar

Linear motor

● Development and mass production of spline module

● Leading industry to launch table type full screw drive

● Embedded ethercht module in single axis controller

● Leading industry launch dust free series electric claws

● Develop and mass produce electric gripper CHY series of large range in      ternal storage controller


● Xinji plant completed and put into operation

● Establishment of Thailand branch

● Strategic partner with Yamaha

● The world's only embedded linear motor module officially mass produc     tion


● Won the Taiwan boutique Award

● Mass production of micro electric cylinder DM series

● Mass production of DC servo motor xc100 driver


● Won the small giant award of the 19th export performance manufactur     er

● Purchase 5000 square meters of land in xinjichang Industrial Zone

● Cart series products of unmanned carrier launched

● Unit series products of unmanned carrier set come into market

Dongyouda treats every customer with heart

Discover needs and change proactively

直线电机Linear motor

Obtain new m534739 profit of unmanned carrier ◆

Passed ISO14001 certification ◆


The development of private service motor controller SC100 is completed ◆

Develop and mass produce the only G series embedded sl ide rail module in Taiwan industry ◆

Fukuoka factory set up in Japan ◆

Suzhou factory established in China ◆


Servo cylinder officially launched ◆

The closed loop stepping motor controller TC100 was developed ◆

The number of overseas agents in the world increased to 10 ◆

CKD OEM, a famous Japanese factory, began to take over ◆


More than 200 sets of unmanned trucks have been produced ◆

Develop and complete 4-axis horizontal multi joint manipulator ◆

Obtain the new type of counterpart mechanism No. m429543 ◆

Obtain the new type of slide mechanism No. m440838 ◆

Enter Apple's supply chain ◆

Obtained OHSAS 18001:2007 certification ◆


Total production of single hand manipulator exceeds 60000 sets ◆

The total production of direct manipulator is more than 5000 sets ◆

High speed linear motor module officially SOLD ◆

Dongyouda is a brand you can firmly believe in

Stable quality and pursuit of excellence


■ New plant in Yongkang science and technology park opened

■ Formal alliance with Matsumoto store of Japan to become technical p artner

■ Import barcode management system of raw materials

■ Pass IOS9001 certification

Linear motor

■ The first unmanned carrier AGV system has been developed and completed

■ Positioning platform XYY immediately produces more than 150 sets


■ Establish a second China branch - Wuxi dongyouda

■ Establish quality assurance center and purchase three dimensional testing equipment

■ Obtained the new No. m398055 profit of the Republic of China

■ Import enterprise resource integration management system ie ERP

■ Production of more than 1000 direct AC manipulators

■ More than 20000 single shaft manipulators have been produced

■ Develop and complete high speed linear motor module


■ Approved by the Ministry of economic affairs

■ Won the silver medal of the ninth Ministry of economy's New Venture Award

■ Set up China branch Shenzhen dongyouda

■ Set up processing Department

■ Production of more than 5000 single axis manipulators

■ More than 30 specifications of single axis manipulator have been developed

■ Formal production positioning platform XYY series


■ Participate in taipei exhibition for the first time

■ Set up marketing department to strengthen product promotion

The direct multi axis manipulator was developed

■ Formal production of single axis manipulator

Development and completion of single axis industrial manipulator


■ Dongyouda company established

■ Establishment of easy control company completed

■ Agent logistics and electric gripper related automation components

■ Agency of Japanese related manipulator sales


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