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Photovoltaic industry

The way for photovoltaic enterprises to survive is "high conversion rate + low cost". Intelligence is the key means to help achieve cost savings and improve quality and efficiency. Intelligent is not only a simple machine to replace people, it improves the efficiency and quality of traditional manufacturing in many aspects, reduces the cost of photovoltaic manufacturing in an all-round way, and enhances the profitability of enterprises. In the field of photovoltaic, we can provide you with a va
  • Photovoltaic industry

    Application field: photovoltaic industry

    Case: PV whole line

    Series: eth/gth/etb/mk series specifications

    Partner: Suzhou Maiwei Technology Co., Ltd

  • Photovoltaic industry

    Application field: photovoltaic industry

    Case: wafer feeder

    Series: eth / GTH series specifications

    Partner: Wuxi Jiangsong Technology Co., Ltd

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