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[Toyo] its Shenzhen industrial exhibition shows the spirit of dongyouda

2021-05-11 05:10:32

On March 30, the 4-day 2021 ites Shenzhen international industrial manufacturing technology and equipment exhibition and the 22nd SIMM Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as ites Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition) was grandly opened in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an Pavilion). With the theme of "gathering cycle potential energy, promoting innovation and enjoying new machines", the 2021 ites Shenzhen industrial exhibition has set up five special exhibitions of "robots and automation equipment, metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, industrial parts and electronic intelligent manufacturing", with a total exhibition area of 240000 square meters. Nearly 2000 brand enterprises from more than 30 countries and regions around the world have gathered heavily.

Toyo dongyouda exhibition focuses on broadening horizons, opening ideas, learning advanced technology, communication and cooperation. It makes full use of this exhibition opportunity to communicate with visiting customers and dealers, so as to further enhance the company's brand awareness and influence, and further understand the product characteristics of peer enterprises, so as to better improve its product structure and give full play to its advantages.

Every day, the exhibition starts from the pre exhibition meeting to clarify the points for attention and summarize the deficiencies! To provide the best service and professional product introduction for the visitors.

Xuzhenyuan, South China business director, does pre exhibition meeting for agents

Xuzhenyuan, South China business director, does pre exhibition meeting for agents xuzhenyuan, South China business director, does pre exhibition training for agents

Invited by the host party on the 30th, dongyouda actively participated in the activities of the technical guide group. Director xuzhenyuan explained Toyo automation solution carefully for the tour guide staff. We also prepared a nice ceremony for all members.

It is worth mentioning that our new exhibit, cgth3, has smaller volume, simple maintenance, no need to remove the cover, smoother movement and more accurate positioning. If you want to know more about the exhibits, please go to the scene for consultation!

Online live broadcast has become a key marketing channel. On the 31st, dongyouda was honored to be invited to participate in the live broadcast of Weiwei industry. In the live broadcast, South China business manager Wang Yi introduced the key products and technical solutions of the exhibition, as well as the layout of the market in South China and how to better serve the South China region.

The enthusiastic staff patiently communicated with the visitors, and the features and advantages of the exhibits were vividly displayed in the wonderful speeches and demonstrations made by the staff of dongyouda.

Dongyouda in the automation industry nearly 21 years of precipitation and development, remarkable achievements, steady development. With good product quality and service system, we have occupied a pivotal position in the field of automation equipment. Even so, we will continue to improve the management system, accelerate the brand building process of Toyo dongyouda, rationally face the market demand, and develop more high-quality products to serve our customers.

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