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Dongyouda group was founded in 2000. With the concept of "beyond customer demand", we devote ourselves to the R & D and innovation of automation robot related fields, and quickly gain the recognition and adoption of customers.

Especially in the market of automatic robots in Taiwan and both sides of the mainland, we have become the first choice of customers. We have successfully exported products made in Taiwan to 20 advanced countries, such as Japan, and obtained good evaluation. In order to continuously improve our technological competitiveness, we have invested a lot of R & D funds in recent years to design a number of cost-effective single axis robots and multi axis direct cross robots that combine controllers and mechanical modules. In order to provide more rapid services to customers in various regions of the world, we have set up production plants in Tainan, Taiwan, Suzhou, and Fukuoka, Japan, and established production plants in the United States, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, and Taiwan More than 20 countries in Europe and Southeast Asia have distributors, hoping to provide customers with a single point of purchase global service system.

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