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[Toyo new product introduction] large stroke electric gripper chy2 series

2021-04-27 01:42:31

Chy2 # large stroke electric gripper focuses on simplifying the mechanism design and convenient control, so that the user can achieve three functions: fast installation, easy operation and high cost performance.

▍ seven features of large stroke electric claw ▍

1. Torque feedback

2. I / O control + communication control is more flexible

3. The super large opening and closing stroke can reach 150 mm, which is the same model in the industry

4. Black body, easy to match with visual inspection, and aluminum primary color can be provided

5. The lock has multiple attachment surfaces, which can be installed on the mechanical arm, or fixed with other mechanisms, and can customize a variety of arm flange fixing seats

6. The controller is built in to save wiring

7. The clamping force / speed setting is simple

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