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Application of linear motor module in mechanical equipment industry

2021-01-26 01:58:27

In recent years, with the rapid development of linear electromechanical module, linear electromechanical module has been widely used in various industries. The linear motor module has the advantages of simple structure, high acceleration, strong adaptability, easy adjustment and control, no side effect and high utilization of primary winding. The speed of linear motor module usually refers to the linear speed, which is equivalent to the speed of rotating motor. The speed of the linear motor passing through the mechanical parts is higher than that of the rotating motor, so the linear displacement motion is formed. This speed represents the function of the linear motor module and the technical level of the manufacturer. In which industries is the linear motor module used?

Linear motor manufacturer

The full closed loop control of linear motor module is to install grating ruler on the motor and feed back the position of actuator. Considering the high position accuracy of grating ruler, the driving load of linear motor module can improve the control accuracy. Compared with the standard servo drive linear device, linear motor drive device directly produces thrust, without any conversion device, simplifies the whole system, ensures the reliability of operation, improves transmission efficiency, reduces manufacturing cost and easy maintenance. Linear motor module can directly generate linear electromagnetic thrust through electric energy. In the drive device, the movement can be free of mechanical contact, so that the transmission parts are free of wear, thus reducing the mechanical loss to a large extent.

Considering the simple construction of linear motor, the main magnetic core can be sealed with epoxy resin after inserting the wire, and it can also be used in special occasions. For example, it can be used in wetlands and even in water. It can be used for corrosive gas or toxic and harmful gas. It can even be used at high or low temperatures.

Linear motor module is simple in construction and has better heat dissipation effect. Since the primary core and winding end are exposed to air, the driven part is very long, and there is a large surface layer to heat, so the heat is easy to dissipate, so the thermal load of linear motor can be relatively high, and no additional cooling equipment is required. At the same time, the dynamic response speed of linear motor module is higher than that of the common servo drive mode.

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