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Why is linear motor widely used in industrial automation equipment?

2021-01-26 02:01:36

The linear motor can be regarded as a rotating motor cutting and spreading along the radial plane. The resulting linear servo motor is a kind of electromagnetic direct drive linear motor, which can produce linear motion without contacting parts, eliminating backlash, winding, wear and maintenance problems. Linear motion does not need pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder, nor does it need gearbox, spindle, belt, rack and pinion or screw to convert rotary motion into linear motion. Linear motors are currently used in robots, actuators, precision worktables / worktables, optical fiber and photonics alignment and positioning, assembly, pick-up and placement systems, machine tools, semiconductor equipment, electronic manufacturing, detection systems requiring high bandwidth response control, vision systems and many other industrial motion control applications.

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When translational motion needs low friction and high flexibility, the user chooses linear system. The core of driving system is composed of control electronics, servo drive and linear motor. The magnetic structure of the shaft is constructed in such a way that there is no space between each magnet, which is completely supported by itself, and then the magnetic structure is inserted into the protective stainless steel tube.

Linear motor is a tubular electromagnetic direct drive, linear motion is pure electric and wear-free, without any mechanical gearbox, spindle or belt coupling. The linear motor consists of two parts: slider and stator. The slider is made of neodymium magnet, which is installed in high precision stainless steel tube. The stator includes motor winding, slider bearing, position capture sensor and microprocessor circuit for monitoring the motor.

The coil of linear axis motor adopts cylindrical design, which has many key advantages compared with other linear motors. The cylindrical design of coil assembly is very strong, without external reinforcement material (i.e. iron used in pressure plate linear motor), and the coil around the magnet allows the use of all magnetic flux. As long as the actuator is not in contact with the shaft, the linear force will not change, and the magnetic flux cuts the motor winding at right angles to obtain high efficiency. All sides of the coil should be able to dissipate heat to a great extent. A more efficient linear axis motor needs less power in a compact design and generates the same force as a traditional linear motor of the same size.

There are three basic concepts in the design of linear axis motor: simple, high precision, non-contact and simple. They are only composed of two parts, a magnetic axis and the "force" of a cylindrical coil. They have no iron in the clamp or shaft accuracy and zero cogging. The coil forms the core of the linear axis motor, which provides the required stiffness of the core motor. The linear axis motor is non-contact. Since the coil is completely wrapped around the magnet, all the magnetic flux is effectively utilized. This allows a larger (0.5 to 5.0 mm) nominal annular air gap, which is non critical, meaning that the force does not change because the air gap varies with the travel of the device.


The position sensor is usually installed inside the linear motor. When the linear motor stops and moves, the current position of the linear motor is measured and monitored. The position deviation is detected immediately and reported to the superior controller. The linear motor can be positioned freely in the whole range of travel. In addition, the driving speed and acceleration can be controlled accurately. For more complex motion, any stroke curve can be saved as the curve in the servo driver, and the motor can execute at the required speed.

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